(Not) Just A Tic-Tac-Toe

This is just a single tic-tac-toe game…… OF COURSE NOT! This is a RealTime Base Party Game. In this game you must spawn your “Duality Coin”, if your coin’s amount is bigger ,you claim the block. When you claim the Blocks that can make a line, you will win after 5sec of waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting for your opponent to flip the side once again of course(actually not). Be careful that your opponent will be ALWAYS trying to ruin your plan. Try your best to dominate the game and last but not least. This is NOT just a tic-tac-toe. HOW TO PLAY: This is a single PC Two player Game Player1 (Red Player) W : Aim Upward S : Aim Downward A : Aim Leftward D : Aim Rightward G : Shoot out the coin G(Hold Down Button) : Charge Player2 (Blue Player) Up_Arrow_Key : Aim Upward Down_Arrow : Aim Downward Left_Arrow : Aim Leftward Right_Arrow : Aim Rightward M : Shoot out the coin M(Hold Down Button) : Charge
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