Nickel Ninja

Fast paced platformer game. You are a Ninja, you can control the electromagnetic charge (+/-) of your body to speed through magnetically charged levels. Our main protagonist is having a great time in the forest cutting bamboo with his trusty sword. Suddenly a thunder falls from the sky, hitting the sword of the ninja while it was in the air, electrifying both the ninja and the sword. In this way the ninja has gained the power to magnetize himself positively or negatively. The sword flies away from the screen and the ninja starts to follow it!
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20th Century Gaming
Take A Break
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
LDTK (Level designer toolkit) ASEPRITE
Installation Instructions: 

Just download and install it! 


Compass Studios

Giovanni Carnovale - Programming 
Vittorio Naccari - Programming/Graphics
Simone Naccari - Producing
Pietro Clemente - Programming
Francesco Coscarella - Music/FX 
Davide Di Bernardo - Programming
Giuseppe Alfieri - Programming

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Side Scroller