Neutral Color

In a world where people are so overworked they have become one with their chairs, you are here to bring color back to a dull, monochromatic office! Your objective is to use different colors of paint to explore the office. Controls: Keyboard and Mouse WASD: Move your character Mouse1/E: Paint a surface Q/Mousewheel: Change Paint Color (Must have paints available) Spacebar: Jump (Only on red painted surfaces) Escape / P: Access the pause menu to restart levels, access the level selector, and reset levels. Blue paint: Slippery, like ice. Slide and accelerate in speed Yellow Paint: Bouncy. Step on Yellow paint to automatically bounce upwards Red Paint: Jump Pads. Press Space Bar while standing on Red Paint to Manually Launch yourself Upwards.
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Mixamo - Main Character Model and Animations
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1.Extract the contents of Neutral Color.Zip

2.Navigate to ../Neutral Color\WindowsNoEditor\GGJ2022.exe

3. Run GGJ2022.exe


Jared: Enviroment Modelling / Level Design

Andrew: Character Modelling / Animation

Brendan: Music / Sound FX

Matt: Programming

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