2WOM - 2 world one move -

I am a human, but in another dimension I am a fish ____ *As the human me runs, the fish me swims sideways. *When I, a human, jump, I, a fish, swim up. *Sometimes I feel like squatting for no particular reason, I'm sure the fish me is swimming down. *Two worlds, one movement, one goal. (translated) --------------- 私は人間だが、別の次元では私は魚だ____ *人間の私が走ると、魚の私は横に泳ぐ *人間の私がジャンプすると、魚の私は上に泳ぐ *とくに意味もなくしゃがんでしまう時は、魚の私が下に泳いでいるんだ *2つの世界、動きは一つ、ゴールを目指す気持ちも一緒
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