Mr Dead & the Dog

The Dog is alive... Mr Dead is dead... almost... Play alone or with a Friend... Help Mr Dead rest in peace... Control poor zombie and the Dog through this journey to the Graveyard!
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20th Century Gaming
Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
MS Windows
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Clickteam Fusion
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beepbox - Music; GIMP - Scaling the Logo
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System requirements: Windows 10

How to open .exe file: Click twice on game icon, then probably You'll see warning message saying that this aplication is dangerous - it is because aplication is not digitally signed (publisher sign) - 'coz I'm poor indie dev and I didn't bought this sign... blah blah blah... So You can just click through this buttons, boxes etc... I didn't put any viruses in this app, but as a coutious dev - I'm not responsible for any eventual loss caused by the game and everything which is connected with it. You open, play etc. on your own risk. Have fun! :D


Game by Patryk Baran from Pasture Games. Game music created by Patryk Baran available to download here: . My site (more my games!): . My website blog: .

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Side Scroller