Mechanical Survival

(Unfinished and nothing to play) We didn't get very far, but planned to make a tower-defence game where the towers can attack you as well as enemies. The point of building a base is to survive as long as possible and defend any resources you may scavenge. Any towers that are overloaded by enemy attacks will enter a depowered mode where they target neither you nor enemies until they reload. Their depowered mode is what allows you to move past safely. Scavenging resources plus crafting towers places the idea more towards a sandbox game. We managed to produce some art assets, render a basic world that can be navigated with via keyboard and plan where we'd take the game next.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
We used VSCode, wrote the code in Rust, and created the art using Paint.NET, with tilemap mock-ups using Tiled.
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