Masquerade is a tabletop/board game that is played by two teams (up to 10 total players) over two phases. Total game time for 6 players is approximately 45 minutes. I have a .pptx presentation for a quick overview, as well as a .docx for full rules. This game can be built for as little as the cost of stuff you already have (a deck of cards, a single sheet of paper, some loose change, and Monopoly pieces), but for the best "immersive" experience (and the most ink) feel free to print off all of the cards using the "Cards Printout" .docx aligned for double-sided cardstock printing--printers vary, and yours may require minor adjustments to alignment.
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Celebrate and Protect Cultural Heritage - (Sponsored by Cultural Antiquities Task Force of the US State Department)
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Stick Together
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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The .zip includes: .pptx presentation, rulebook, card printout template, game mat templates, and card images. See the .pptx presentation for anything you need beyond what's included in the .zip.


Created, designed, and written by Scott Alvey

Art by Jaye Wyman

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