A board game pitting Light against Shadow. Local turn-based multiplayer. Teams take alternating turns first moving a unit and then converting up to 3 squares to their team colour. Each team's units can only move onto squares of their own colour. Basic units can only move forward. Upgraded units can move forwards and backwards. Click on a unit to pick them up and see their possible moves. Click on their current position to put them back down if you want to select a different unit, or click on one of the highlighted possible move squares to move the selected unit there. Moving a unit which is directly in front of an opposing unit to a square directly behind that unit, which can be done if there is a valid space there, will eliminate that opposing unit. When a unit reaches the opposing side of the board, they are upgraded. After moving a unit you will choose an area of 3 squares to convert to your team's colour, except for any squares in that area that an opposing unit is currently standing on. Pressing the spacebar rotates the highlighted area between a vertical and horizontal orientation. Clicking on a valid selection makes your choice and the turn ends. There is no formal win condition, so you can choose your own. Alt F4 will end a game.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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