Los Despera Dos

Howdy, partner! What d'ya say we go and protect this town from the coming bandits for a few bucks together? I shoot, you reload. I reload, you shoot. This way, they can't get us by surprise. ** About the game: Los Despera Dos is a top down shooter where two gunslingers gang up together and fight endlessly against black-hat'd bandits. Killing grunts, bosses and picking bills up gives you points in this arcade style game. The characters switch when you reload, and enemies are coming from all directions so watch for your partner and use covers to protect yourself. Drinking Moonshine heals both of your characters. Bosses carry the fire juice, and $100 bills tend to appear from time to time. Keep an eye out for both and explore. ** Controls: WASD/ZQSD/Arrows -> Move (toggled in the menu) Right click -> Shoot Left click -> Reload and switch characters Shift -> Dash
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game Design: Kushala & Altadir
Code: Kushala Graphics: Altadir
Beta test: Kushala, Altadir & Morgane
- Music: The Get Away by Mr Smith
- Guns shooting & empty: Free Gun Shooting Sound Effects by FesliyanSTUDIOS
- Someone gets hit: Body_impact.wav by ansel
- Shotgun reloading: Machine_Gun_Reload.wav by ken788
- Pistol reloading: Reload Pistol.mp3 by baconandbeans
- Rifle reloading: Winchester Rifle Cock Reload by SpliceSound
- Shotgun casing: AR-15 Brass Casing 11.wav by dwightsabeast
- Pistol casing: Bullet Casing On Conrete 2.wav by SmartWentCody

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