From Life and Darkness

IMPORTANT: Be ready to press space to keep yourself alive. I didn't have time to make a separate start screen and the restart scene didn't work properly for whatever reason (so I disabled it). Base design: Idea of the game is how different dualities interact with each other and complement each other in a way, when in a larger system. (To make all the 10 biomes work better I'd need a few more hours of tweaking.) Instructions: You get "white points" by staying low - "black points" by staying up. You lose "white life" when staying down - you lose "black life" when staying up. Bottom half of screen you jump up and fall down - upper half you jump down and fall up. You gain small amounts of black or white life while on top of that background color (amount depends on the gradient). White and black of the background contribute to how many mountains there are on the end screen. Black points contribute whether the first end screen is dry or wet (the white is kinda supposed to be snow/ice) before heat is applied. White points contribute to whether the final end screen is hot or cold. (The end screens kind of build on top of each other by using previous seeds for the procedural generation and adding their own.) The rest, umm... controls are space bar... and do be gentle, this is kind of my first proper try at a game as a first year game programming student. That's about it. XD
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MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)

Toni Tiilikainen

All the assets are free license.

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