Kid's Game

Everyone’s got a wolf inside them, some more than others. Kid’s game is a 4-6 player social deduction game where you play as a group of goat-masked children playing in a maze. Much to the dismay of the others, one of the children is a wolf in disguise. It’s the wolf’s job to scavenge food throughout the maze without getting caught. The children’s objective is to identify the wolf as quickly as possible to avoid it growing in strength. When either night falls or the children discover the wolf, the wolf reveals themselves and must hunt them down. From then on, the kids must do their best to avoid the wolf’s wrath before the sun comes out. During the first phase of the game, the goats and the wolf will play in a top-down perspective while the goats search for the wolf. Once the wolf is found, the game switches to a first-person perspective while the wolf hunts down the goats. If the wolf catches all the goats, the wolf wins. If the goats survive when the time runs out, the goats win.
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Stick Together
Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Blender Adobe Fresco MSPaint
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Wolf Controls:
WASD - Move
Hold Left Click over Diggable Spot - Dig to get powerup
Left Click in second phase - Attack

Goat Controls:
WASD - Move
 Left Click another Goat (or Wolf in disguise) - Accuse (If guessed correctly, second phase starts, if wrong goats lose)



Download the zip file

Extract the zip contents

Run Kids Game.exe

Enter your host's IP address

The host must forward port 7770 to play if not on LAN

Alt + F4 to quit out (We didn't get time to make an exit button)


Spaghetti Yeti Agile Innovation Team 2022

Izzy Pilz - Art

James Graham-Hu - Code and 3D Art

Sohfi Janz - 3D Art

Preet Shah - Code

Robert Graham-Hu - Code

Marcus Hum - UI/UX

Robbie Meyer - Sound Effects

Thomas Storwick - QA



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