Keepers of the Realm (Fate Reincarnate)

Keepers of the Realm (Fate Reincarnate) is a mobile multiplayer game. --- The game begins with your party creating their Shinigami's in a lobby and attaching their individual screennames. Once the group is ready, players are put in a game where some players are on an Ascend team while others are on the Descend team. Players on the Descend team are trying to reincarnate the group to a lower state, while players on the Ascend team are trying to reincarnate the group to a higher state. --- Gameplay works as individual teams are given action prompts to use in real life around other players; i.e., one team is told to cross their legs while the other is told to use jazz fingers. The purpose of each team having their own sign is to know which other players to pass 'the list' to. The list can only be held by one player at a time, and after the group votes on who gets the list- its up to the players to be observant to see who might have the list. --- The list has players screennames on it with their corresponding 'reincarnation' name. Once someone has seen the list and knows the 'reincarnation' names, they can send other players to be reincarnated. The team that reincarnates the most players wins. --- Developed by the team Wing Scripters
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Acutely Eye-dentifiable
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Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Yotingo - Code

BluViolets - Character and UI Art

Verónica Hope - Background Art

vazor222 - Production, Code

R2Shef2 - Code

Joseph Burgan - SFX

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