Discord IDs:-- Cappic#8457-- Kris#8257-- Mads (They/She)#7406-- octopifrutti#4913---------------- “Dolton?”, calls out the goat-legged secretary. You take a deep breath, stand up, and somehow adjust your tie despite not having any arms (yes that was a conscious design choice, no we will not explain it further). “Right this way. Mr. Beelzebud will see you now.” You follow the secretary as you steady your nerves and focus on the environment around you. You focus on the never-ending hallways of the eternally damned; all of them discussing the latest episode of Touched by an Angel near water coolers that only dispensed lukewarm water. You smell the fish someone cooked in the microwave of a nearby break room, a grizzly reminder that you indeed are in an unholy place. And finally you focus on the unmistakable sounds of heels hitting the faux-hardwood floor below you. The secretary’s heels. Or… hooves I guess. Wait, is it heels or is it her hoov- “Right inside” The secretary, who may I add does not pass the Bechdel test AT ALL and I look forward to hearing all about this in Kotaku, ushers you into a room. You step inside and the door shuts behind you. “Hello Mr. Dolton”, the figure in front of you mutters. “I’m Mr.Beelzebud. Welcome to Hell. Are you ready for your interview?”
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Acutely Eye-dentifiable
All that Jazz
The Classics Never Go Out of Style
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