International Factorization Olympiad

背景:你是一个热爱因式分解的高级双料特工,但你很不幸被两方同时怀疑,并不谋而合地被两方分别派去参加第一届IFO(全球因式分解奥林匹克竞赛),被要求根据他们的指令分解因式。为了夺取信任,你需要同时完成两方面对你的要求。 玩法:类似切水果。但分辨“水果”与“炸弹”的方式,是在因式飞过的短暂时间内计算其是否有分别两方面所要求的因子,并正确决定该如何切除。 注意:请确保你有一定的数学基础。 Background: You are a dual sided senior agent who loves factoring. But unfortunately, you are suspected by both sides at the same time. In order to test you, both of them order you to join the first International Factorization Olympiad (IFO) at the J-Wing Center. You are required to resolve the factors according to their instructions. How to play: similar to Fruit Ninja, but you have to distinguish "fruit" and "bomb" by calculating whether it has the factors required by two sides, and then you have to cut it in the right way. Notice: Make sure that your math isn't too bad.
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