Inner Wolf Defender

(Translated from google Tradutor) Based on the tale of the two inner wolves, it consists of a game of attention and precision, where the player will need to press the given commands at the right time. The gameplay screen consists of two bars, the green one representing the good wolf, the red one representing the bad wolf; Below it there are two smaller bars, also green and red, the first one serves to acquire the attributes that feed the good wolf and the red one repels the attributes for the bad wolf. The gameplay consists of going up on the screen the attributes of each wolf, green for the good attributes, red for the bad ones; The player must press the button corresponding to the smaller bars when the attributes pass through them; In the green bar, the player setting the time to press the button will acquire points for the good wolf bar. On the red bar, hitting the time will repel the attributes that feed the big bad wolf's gauge, in this case the gauge is fed when the player misses the time. The difficulty level will be in the speed at which the words go up, in the amount and in the randomness between good and bad attributes. Wins the game when the player makes the good wolf's bar overlap the bad wolf's.
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Developer: André Martins Mendes

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