Assume the role of the arbiter of all morality in INCONSEQUEST: a First-Person narrative focused game, driven by conversations with the recently departed. INCONSEQUEST has you play the character Zuri, a half-human / half-angel being covering her last shift in Purgatory, as an employee of HR (the Habitaculum Resurrectionis). As Zuri, you must interview and learn about the diverse cast of deceased humans before you, each of whom have their own story and ambiguous moral qualities. Once you have enough information, you must fulfill your metaphysical duty and send these wayward souls to Heaven - or Hell. The scales of judgement are tipped in whatever direction you as the player sway - how will you choose who to bless, and who to damn?
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Cubase Audacity

Zane Francis - Lead Developer

Joel Moder - Game Writer, Voiceover Coordinator 

Danhai Williams - Game Writing, Voiceover Coordinator

Glen Henry - Game Illustrator

Dwayne Redwood - Composer

Adrian Hemans - Composer

Voiceovers provided by 

"US Green Army Miniature 001 - Photogrammetry" ( by Trinh Nguyen is licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (

"Monitor" ( by TMGreed is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Scales" ( by FlukierJupiter is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"Prototype of unnamed smartphone" ( by plzok is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

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