Heroes of Materiel and Logic

A pensive, introverted coder, Lawrence D. Dosser, finds himself stranded on a hostile planet, a powered mining exoskeleton his only protection from its dangers. The problem is, he is not at all comfortable with controlling the suit, and less yet with Sigríðr, its rowdy, pugilistic and outgoing AI interface. They have to balance their differences to survive the waves of automated and organic enemies. Controls: Move: WASD, or right click to destination Melee attack: left click Open spell console: (left) Ctrl Spells are written as pseudocode. EMP blast: FB [angle in degrees] --- e.g. FB 90 to shoot up --- Stun: STUN --- try it out, you'll see ---
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20th Century Gaming
Don’t go alone, take THIS (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Jaakko "jgke" Hannikainen - programming
Oskari Lehti - programming
Jani "TraDukTer" Suutarinen - story, design, graphics
Susanna "LoLaIII" Rantakylä - music, SFX

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