HaQR: Biohaq is a short espionage thriller you play with your phone and printed QR codes. You play as a hacker, tasked with testing the security measures of a biotech giant operating in chips. There were rumours, but what you find in your line of work is more disturbing than you thought. How will you decide in the end? You need a smartphone (Android) and a printer to print the QR codes. It's best to play this game with 2 players - one to prepare (and hide) the QR codes, the other to be the detective. HaQR was made by Friedrich Hanisch, Jana Reinhardt and Teresa Fritsch.
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Android device
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Unity (any product)

Friedrich Hanisch (programming, game design)

Jana Reinhardt (design, writing)

Teresa Fritsch (story, writing)

Philipp Meyer (voice acting)

Kathrin Credo (additional art)

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