Green Washing

Welcome to GOBAL! As you know, we are a green company; at least, in spirit. Journalist will be visiting the facilities today: make sure they only see the good parts. And if they don't... Make them look away. Being eco-friendly is all about optics! Play as Jean-Mi and Jean-Mi, two GOBAL executives. Each are controlled by one side of the controller. While one is talking to the press using carefuly chosen talking points, the other one must clean up leaky barrels, broken pipes and fuming vents. Keep the press occupied, and don't let them see the polluting stuff! Green Washing is a game about a very real issue: brave companies not being taken at their words by mean journalists. It's about the duality inherent to double-speak, and the duality of having to do two wildly different things at the same time to save face. But most importantly, Green Washing is approved by GOBAL, a company you can probably trust!
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Take A Break
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Vivien Pfrimmer, dev

Antoine Latour, technical art & video maker

Antoine Schmoll, game art

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