Gravity Boy

Gravity Boy is not a normal boy... He was born with the extremely rare phenomenon called "Permanent Gravity", where even in null-gravity areas, Gravity Boy still is affected by gravity as if he was on planet Earth! He is now using this to his advantage and is exploring space! And yes, gravity boy can actually breathe in space! In this game, you are taking on the role of Gravity Boy, and are exploring space with his newly crafted "Gravity Portal Gun", where for the first time in his life, his gravity can be changed! Controls: WASD/Arrow keys to move, W/Up Arrow to jump, LMB/RMB to shoot gravity portal orbs (RMB: 'Attraction' Portal, LMB: 'Repel' Portal). When the orbs get in contact with platforms, a gravity portal is instantiated! This was our first game ever made in Godot, so it definitely is a bit 'scuffed'. Hope it treats you okay though! By: Vitaly Dufour, William Graham, Joshua Salvador
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Godot Engine
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