Good Omens

In each of us there is both a demon and an angel, which can reveal themselves for reasons beyond our control. Take control of both! *************************************************************************************************************************************** Genre: competitive top-down shooter *************************************************************************************************************************************** Modes: deathmatch, teamplay *************************************************************************************************************************************** The task of the players: The player needs to defeat his opponents, to do this he needs to shoot them accurately. The player can switch between angel and demon. Damage is only caused by projectiles fired by the opposite entity, and the projectiles of the same entities restore health. *************************************************************************************************************************************** Movement: tilt the virtual stick which is in the left half of the screen to the side where you want to move; buttons W - move up, A - move left, S - move back, D - move right. *************************************************************************************************************************************** Shooting: deflect the virtual stick in the right half of the screen to the side you want to shoot and release it. *************************************************************************************************************************************** Switching between demon and angel: press the button in the upper right corner of the screen. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
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MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

kankuro228 - 2D character artist, animator

Дед - 2D enviroment artist

VERBA - VFX artist, animator

Wiegon -  Unity programmer

antontidev - Unity programmer

p01ymorph - gamedesigner, leveldesigner

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