Full Moon Village

Welcome to Full Moon Village! We live in this small and picturesque city embedded between high mountains and shady woods. Life is very quiet here… on a normal day, you could see Arnold chopping some wood, Eugene praying in the church, or the kids playing near the river. On a normal day. Now everything is changed. Everyone is scared. Streets are empty, the villagers holed up in their homes. Werewolves are among us. But we made a decision. We shall live in fear no more! From this day we decided to go out and openly face the monsters.
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All that Jazz
Stick Together
Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Visual Studio Clip Studio Paint
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Download And Run


Designer: Samuele Balduzzi

Programmer: Mohammad Aldehayat Dehayat.com

Artist: Ruxandra Diaconu

Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 526 Organ Sonata No.2 in C Minor performed by Evgeniy E. Moshkin (organ)

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