Frost & Flamme

"Frost und Flamme" (frost and flame) is a nonsense quiz game about an ice delivery man who tries to give a moody fire spirit some delicious ice cream. Note: In the context of the GGJ 2022, the game will only be available in German.
Jam year: 
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Other Tools: Figma (Vector Graphics)
Installation Instructions: 

Please note:

  • The Game was made by German university students, so the language in the game is German (maybe we will provide another language outside of GGJ 2022 later)
  • The Game was made as a Standalone Application for Microsoft Windows.

Instructions for Installing

  1.  Download the Zip File in a New Folder on your PC /Mac / Windows / Linux - System
  2. unpack the Zip File
  3. Go into the new unpacked folder and right-click on the Application Icon (Exe) -> Make a link on your Desktop for easier access 
  4. Double click on the new Desktop Icon (you are Ready to Play 'Frost und Flamme' now)

Game Team

Tom Elstermann: 

  • Storytelling
  • Audio
  • Engine
  • Programming

Katharina Kasprzak:

  • Art
  • UI & UX
  • Script


  •  Game Design, Concept & Idea
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