The sea is water

You're on a boat and the weather is getting worse! In the distance you can spot something -- maybe a lighthouse? No time to think, grab a paddle and row-row-row! Intended to be played locally with two people. But we're not mad if you play it by yourself :) Controling a boat this size better requires two people. One on the left paddle (A) and one on the right (L). To stay on course one must keep both paddles in sync. If for whatever reason you have to change direction, one of you can take a qick break. Using only one paddle will force the boat into the opposite direction.
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Keys to Success
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programmers - Thilo Voß, Florian Arens, Fabian Wesemann, Alexander Brandt

Audio - Alexander Brandt

Art & Design - Kaike Tappe

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