EQlibrium is a networking two-player turn-based board game where you have to balance height. Place random objects on the table and let the table be in equilibrium. Hold RMB while hovering over the table to preview your object​. While still holding RMB, drag your mouse around to move your object. Release RMB to confirm the placement. You will have to wait 6 seconds. If the platform is stable ie doesn't touch the floor, then the next player will have the main. Otherwise, you lose and the other player scores 1. The game will end when a player have a total score of 5. My discord name: thetaBinaural#6464
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Made to Play Together
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1 machine:
Setp1: Launch two instances of the game via the .exe files
Step 2: The first player click on "Start host" on the first window
Step 3: The  second player click on "Find servers" on the second window and then click the IP address that will appear

2 machines:
Step 1: Use your phone as a mobile hotspot and connect your machine to that network.
Step 2: Connect the other machine to the same mobile hotspot.
Step 3: If you want to be the host, click on "Start Host". You will be given instruction to wait for the other player.
Step 4: On the other machine, a player would join the game by clicking on "Find Servers"
Step 5: Click on the IP address that will appear below to join !


Programmer: Fetra Ranaivoson 

3D Models: quixel.com

Music: Alex McCulloch (opengameart.org)

Sound Effects: Ogrebane (opengameart.org)

Concept image: Fetra Ranaivoson

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