Eat and Meet

Nobody's themselves when they're hungry, right? Well, that's definitely true for the infamous creatures of the night: Vampires and Werewolves! Through the power of the internet, Mihnea the Vampire and Liana the Werewolf have arranged a date in the middle of the city, but they first have to feed or else they might get out of control! Can you help them out, or will their date be a catastrophic failure? Lead two potential lovers from their homes far away from civilization to a city cafe through challenging minigames! Be careful, you don't want to leave without a full belly/meter!
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Take A Break
Everyone is a Creator
Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Maya Substance Painter Substance Designer Garageband Mixamo Photoshop Free SFX Freesound

Adélaïde Masset - Music Designer
Aidan Donald - 3D Artist
Damian Roman - Narrative Designer
Ferrel Kennedy - Programmer 
Iris Iesan - 2D Artist
Samuel Pearson - 3D Artist

Everyone - Game Designer

For the Mixtape Diversifier, here are the links to the publicated music from our game!

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Side Scroller