Duality Battle Simulator

"Duality Battle Simulator" is a game for two or one player. In this game, you with your friend are building your army and then these two armies are fighting each other. If you are alone then you can build both armies and see how they are fighting. In "Duality Battle Simulator" there are 3 islands and 21 warriors to choose from. This game is about two players building their own armies, exploring warriors, enjoying the fight of red and blue.
Jam year: 
Another Dimension
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
To draw characters and maps for my game I used MagicaVoxel
Installation Instructions: 

Download the .zip executable, unzip it. If you want to play on mobile there is a .apk file, if you want to play on windows open the "Windows" folder and open the  "Duality Battle Simulator.exe" file.

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