Dualities: Match 3 Puzzle

Swap adjacent tiles by selecting them. Match 3 to remove them. Match 4+ to trigger Special Effects. Match 5+ to create a Special Tile. Every Match triggers the Duality Countdown. Every tile has its Duality! Use the Duality Countdown to discover opposites. When Duality Countdown reaches 0 All Tiles Flip. Flip, Match, Win! Reach your goal before you run out of moves. Dualities: Match 3 Puzzle Game.
Jam year: 
Stick Together
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Technology Notes: 
Krita, Audacity, Notepad++, ibisPaint X, Nuendo, Cubase
Installation Instructions: 

1. Download and extract Dualities_v1.2_Win.zip

2. Open the folder you extracted to

3. Run Dualities_v1.2_Win.exe


Music and sound design by Sophian Alkurdi 

Tile Art by Yuko Takeoka

Design, Programming, Particles, UX/UI by Scry Quest 

Creative Director: Brian Monroy

Technical Lead: Dain Harmon

Project Management: Gabriela Monroy

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