Nom Nom Skyscraper

- A balanced diet of concrete and veggies. - Nom Nom Skyscraper is a game where the player has to strategically place different wild plant life or buildings on a map to balance between nature and industry. Your task is to have at least 25 % of fields filled with both, industry and wilderness but you need to keep it at a good balance. If one dominates the other you will lose the game. The placed cards on the map can take effect on each other. Each field has a "wilderness" and an "industry" value. Once the value is bigger than 4 it also starts spawning additional buildings or plant life. The most basic unit is a hut for industry and tree for wilderness. They can only be placed on fields that already have a wilderness or industry value, so only next to spaces where another building or plant has already been placed.
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Other digital platform
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Godot Engine
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The game is fully open source and the source code is available at the repository link, but you can play the HTML5-exported game on the "Play Now" Button

- Oli

- Lena

- Gina

- Florian

- Andreas

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