Move with WASD. Dodge the Black objects. Get hit and the count will start again from zero. Every 10 points, the camera will rotate 45 degrees. Good luck!
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Take A Break
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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  1. Open webpage: https://wietske.itch.io/dualitwo
  2. Press Run Game
  3. Enjoy the Video Game
  4. Spend all your time playing this game
  5. You stop spending time with your friends
  6. They stop talking to you
  7. It's alright though, you have this video game
  8. Get fired from your job and/or school since you never show up (busy playing the Video Game)
  9. More time to play (win)
  10. Can't afford bills
  11. Electricity gets cut off
  12. Can't play the Video Game on your desktop anymore
  13. Open up Laptop
  14. Open webpage: https://wietske.itch.io/dualitwo
  15. Press Run Game
  16. Enjoy The Video Game
  17. Laptop runs out of battery after 2-5 hours (depending on your laptop and you can't charge it since you lost your electricity)
  18. Cry (loudly)
  19. Get evicted since you can't afford the rent
  20. Find homeless shelter
  21. Work on self-improvement
  22. Start showering again
  23. Dress up nicely
  24. Become more confident
  25. Start socializing
  26. One of your new friends offers you a job at their workplace
  27. Rent a new studio appartment
  28. The electricity is back on
  29. Open webpage: https://wietske.itch.io/dualitwo



Stuff - Wietske Overtoom
Things - Thymo Boog

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