Dual Soul

A two-player strategy game where players compete the conquer the other's castle! This game has both players playing on the same keyboard! プレイヤーが相手の城を征服するために競う2人用戦略ゲーム!このゲームでは、両方のプレーヤーが同じキーボードでプレイしています。
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Procreate, Audacity

How to Play:​

​Left-click on a card to select its "Summon Mode" for that card Right-click and select its "Effect Mode"​.

After selecting the "summon mode" of the card, click on a tile that you own and the unit will be summoned to that square. You can  summon a unit on a occupied fort / squares around your castle (8 squares) ​
​If you use a dragon, wizard, or warrior when you select the "effect mode" of the card, clicking a unit on the grid will bring up a button to generate that effect. You can use the effect of white framed card on your own unit. The effect of a black framed card can be used on an opponent's unit.​​ Both can be used to spawn a unit for your team.

For example, in a situation where you want to move a dragon unit with the effect of a dragon card, click the yellow round square to move the dragon.


In a situation where you want to turn a dragon unit, you would use the effect of a warrior card. Click on the purple round square and the dragon will turn in that direction. To use the effect of a thief card, click on a card, not the unit - it will change the frame color of the card.

Battle Rules:

​ When you move or turn a unit, a battle may start. There are "duel", "disadvantage", and "advantage" types of battles.

​"Duel" = "mutual battle"
​ "Disadvantage" = "I can't fight back and get attacked"
"Advantage" = "Attack an enemy that cannot counterattack"

​The priority is duel> defense> attack.
In other words: If you have a unit that can attack after moving a unit, you have to fight that one even when you can't fight back.

After selecting a unit to fight, combat is played out in a rock-paper-scissors-esque game.

Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, and Water beats Fire.

​​When in combat, the red player is on the left & uses the 1 & 2 keys to make their choice, and the blue player is on the left & uses the 8 & 9 keys.

Combat outcomes:
In a duel, when one player loses, their unit will be killed. If it is a draw, both units die.

When in either a disadvantaged / advantaged situation, the disadvantaged unit will be killed if they lose, but survive if the match is won or is a draw. Advantaged units can never die in combat.

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カードの「召喚モード」を選択したら、召喚できる場所をクリックすると、そのマスにユニットが召喚されます。召喚できる場所は占拠した砦 / 自分の城の周囲のマス(8マス)














優先順位は duel>defense>attack






Programmed by Ricardo Aguilera & Nicholas Schnering Designed by Miku Hashimoto, Ryo Tamura, Akihiro Uo, Ryuta Waseda & Ian Schreiber Unit Sprites & Art done by Janis Schreiber

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