Druidic Duty

"Druidic Duty" is a single-player arcade-like chaos management game where you must keep two species in balance, the predators and the prey! The griffons will attack the jackalopes; they can't help it, they need to eat! But if you don't intervene, they'll snack on every single one of those little guys. And don't forget to feed the jackalopes, or they'll starve too. But you don't wanna know what happens when there are TOO many of them, either... To do this, maneuver carefully through the woods and keep an eye open for trouble! Remember, your goal is to keep both species in perfect balance. Feed the jackalopes with your fruit spell, and use your magical bellow to stun the griffons and shoo away the Jackalopes. If too many attack at once, you can summon a great wall of bushes to keep them away! Go forth, nature's delicate balance is in your paws! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys: Movement Left Click: Magical Fruit (Plant fruits to feed jackalopes) Right Click: Brush Wall (Stop or trap animals by drawing a wall of brushes around or inbetween them) Space: Roar! (Stun gryphons and force jackalopes to flee from you) Mouse Wheel: Zoom Out or Zoom In P: Pause
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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Engine: Unity2020.3.26f1 Art: Pixel Art - Aseprite & Clip Studio Paint Programming: Visual Studio Sound: FL Studio & Audacity
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N/A, it's a browser game! Go play it!




=> Afro - Character Designer & Character Animator - Twitter: @AfroBlackSiren

=> Pedro Ivo Mac Culloch - Environment Designer & VFX / UI Artist -  Twitter: @MacCoolloch

Game Design 

 => Gabriel "Cyber Twilight" Medeiros - Game Designer & Project Manager - Twitter: @CyberTwilight 


=> Leonardo Santiago - Systems Programmer

=> Bruno Machado - Systems Programmer & Assistant Artist - Twitter: @Omelhorpessoa


=> Daniel Cavazotte Moreno - Writer & Sound Designer -  Twitter: @TheDCMoreno

=> Rodrigo Pinheiro R. Monteiro - Sound Designer & Assistant Artist

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