Dr. Acula

"The great war is upon us. Please Doctor, you must support us in the trenches!" If my compatriots' begging would not convince me, my Hippocratic Oath would seal the deal. I readied my nerves for the atrocities of battle and packed light. The cruelty of men is difficult to stomach, but my true fear comes from within. How will I react when the scent of blood hangs through the night sky? Dr. Acula is a game about holding the line, balancing your strengths between the day and night. As a field medic in the day, heal soldiers in the trenches so they keep firing at raiding enemies. As a vampire in the night, defeat undead in no-man's land. Do not let anyone breach the trench lines, no matter alive or undead!!! Controls: Move with WASD Heal soldiers with Left-Click Dash with Right-Click
Jam year: 
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 
  • Extract 001.zip.
  • Run the DraculaUnity executable.
  • Plenty of bugs and unfinished. Next jam.


PS: We made a 002 build but I didn't upload cause it was worse.

PPS: Alt + F4 to quit.

  • Rami Habib
  • Sami Habib
  • Jonathan Hobman
  • Lionel Wood
  • Olivier Chrun
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