A leak has sprung in the heart of government and the conspiracies that hold reality in place have begun to unravel. It's important we get our stories straight. If any one person is responsible we will point our fingers so far through their eyeball they’ll have an extra mouth. You have to make sure the blame is not pinned on you. Doublespeak is a game of wit and cunning… and weirdness. It is a contest between interrogators and the suspect. Suspect’s role Interrogator’s role Jury’s role Gameplay rules Deck is shuffled, and players are each dealt [7] answer cards and [14] question cards. The game consists of 2 interrogators, 1 suspect, and the jury (the remaining players). In round one, the suspect will be the oldest player in the room, with the interrogators being the players to the left and right of the suspect. With each round, the suspect moves anti-clockwise from the starting player. On beginning the round, each interrogator will set down a question each. The suspect is then given 30 seconds to choose an answer card which they feel best answers both questions. Once they’ve answered, the suspect will set their answer card on the used answer card pile. There are two discard piles: one for questions and one for answers. If a member of the jury feels the answer doesn’t make sense, the players can vote to penalize the suspect. If over half of the jury decides a suspect’s answer does not fit, the suspect re-draws cards from the answer pile to re-build their answer hand back up to 7. The game continues until one player has gotten rid of all their answer cards and are declared the winner. then the player must pick up all the cards in the used card pile. The jury’s decision is final. The winner is the first player to run out of cards.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Andy Luke


Art K.

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