Cyber-Slime & the Fall of the Crimson Jett

Embody Cyber-Slime on his quest to save the Princess from his great great great great great emo (it's not a phase) grandson from the future, Crimson Jett. Alternate between two forms to take advantage of their unique properties to navigate through a dangerous environment filled with traps and hazards. Controls: - Press A to move left - Press D to move right - Press Space to change to square form - Release Space to jump and return to the circle form Hints (read-only if you need help!) The square form can: - Press buttons - Resist Spikes - Stick to most metal surfaces - Break certain walls (the thin brown ones) The circle form can: - Bounce on floors, ceilings and walls - Jump - Move quickly - Easily navigate slippery surfaces
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Audiokinetic Wwise
Installation Instructions: 

Download the file, unzip it, navigate to the release file and double-click Cyber-Slime.exe.


Jesse Serre (seecreet#1392) - Artist / VFX
Tomas Clark Dumoulin (Chaotic Clark#2860) - 2D Artist

Eric Piaugeard (Zenko#8615) - Sound Designer
Pier-Luc Fournier (Thepeel89#7621) - Composer / Sound Designer

Antoine Beauchesne (WarAnto#0967) - Designer / Programmer
Emile Jutras (Redwolf7#7861) - Programmer
Louis Horlaville (Ziploc Bag#0069) - Programmer

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