Copy Kitty

Bluzio and Pinkzio are conjoined kittys who definitely weren't engineered in a lab! They live together in purfect harmony in the "Latte Sans the Coffee" cat cafe causing havoc to feed their mouse toy addiction. Work together with a friend to help these curious kittys find all of their mouse toys, be prepurred for some teamwork as each kitty can only grab and move things that are the same colour as them. Move and jump against walls to see if they're climbable, you might be able to get to some dizzying heights! Control Pinkzio with the arrow keys and grab with ctrl(R) Control Bluzio with WASD and grab with space
Jam year: 
The Best from Britain - (Sponsored by UK Games Fund/Transfuzer)
Acutely Eye-dentifiable
Stick Together
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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