The future is now full of pollution. It created monstre we have to kill in order to survive. But survive is no longer an option !!!! We have to do something about the environment. What should be better than taking water from ancient times to sanitize the world. You will have to sanitize the world in a futur/post-apocalyptic/polluted word. The game will toggle between both world every 30-40s. In the future world you'll have to spread water and survive against monster. In the past world, you need to take water and collect ressources to craft weapon that will help you surviving.
Jam year: 
Take A Break
Everyone is a Creator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Rock pile "Created by Ironworks / Turbosquid"
Tire sand beach garbage "Created by edikm1 / Turbosquid"
Corrugated sheet metal elements package "Created by Fulip / Turbosquid"
Metal playes "Created by Hviluvator / Turbosquid"
glass piece "Created by accidentt / Turbosquid"
3D garbage bag "Created by GuntarsLV / Turbosquid"
3D site rubble debris junk rubbish "Created by SPACESCAN / Turbosquid"
Oil barrels PBR "Created by animatedheaven / Free3D"
Geiger counters "Created by Timbre / freesound"
nature mountain creek ambiance "Created by Robinhood76 / freesound"
Texture Wood : Rough_wood_4K            created by Rob Tuytel
Stone : Rock Moss Set 02             created by Kless Gyzen
Axe : Battle ax Free low-poly 3D model         created by monteg
Apple : Apple Free low-poly 3D model         created by polygonalWaver
AppleIcon : Fresh Apple                created by Kumaran
Fantastic Creature #1                                 : GrigoriyArx
True Horror - Crawler                                  : Witch-A-Twin Studios
Hurt sound "Created by thecheeseman / Freesound"

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