CJJJ - Peace or War Game

GAME OBJECTIVE: Peace or War is a game where you determine who plays by rolling the higher number with a D6 dice. After the two people with the highest dice roll are found, they then roll D4s and determine the difference between the two. The difference will determine how far a player gets to move pieces. The person who gets to the end of war will be the victor. It takes 7/10 spaces to reach end of war and 5 to be eliminated. How to start: First, all players will have to roll a dice (D6) to determine who is going to battle. The two players that roll the highest number will be able to play for the round. After they roll the dice they then will roll a pair of D4s and take the difference of that (ex. 4 and 1, would be 3 spaces) which will decide how far they can move. Then both players will draw a card and see who has the ability to utilize the three spaces. The player with the higher card will determine the movement. They don't necessarily need to move their own piece, they are allowed to move any player on the board as long as they properly allocate the difference in the D4s. Peace is when there is no difference between the 4s (ex. 2 and 2). There is no move given to the players. This is peace. If a player reaches the graveyard on the board they are killed and are no longer allowed in the game, they have lost. When a player reaches the winning zone, they have won the war. In war there can only be one victor, so all other players lose the game no matter how close they were to finishing. This is where strategy comes into play.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Tabletop Technology
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