Che Pibe!

English: Working on a theatre can be a dream for some and a nightmare to others. Your duty is to give some coffee to the actors but they just can't stand still. But be careful, they're very good actors. If a new act begins they'll get into their characters and transform into monsters. A game about the Duality between real life and fiction. In the real world you have a rol that can be turn upside down in the world of fiction. Español: Trabajar en un teatro puede ser un sueño para algunos y una pesadilla para otros... Tu deber es entregarles café a los actores que no consiguen quedarse quietos, pero ten cuidado, son actores de método. Si arranca un nuevo acto se meten en sus papeles de monstruo sin dudarlo. Un juego sobre la dualidad entre la realidad y la ficción. En el mundo real tenés un rol que se invierte al estar en el mundo de ficción. INSTRUCTIONS Try to give some coffee to the distracted actors as soon as possible but be careful, once they transform you'll be their prey. You move with WASD INSTRUCCIONES Intenta entregarle el café a los actores distraídos lo antes posible pero ten cuidado, cuando se transformen tu seras su presa. Te moves con WASD
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Descomprime el archivo, abre la carpeta y ejecuta "Che-Pibe.exe"



Unzip the file, open the folder and execute "Che-Pibe.exe"



Guille - Guille Badaracco - Executive Producer / Programmer

Discalvin - Alvaro Infante - Programmer

Bisoro - Guille Hernández - instagram @bisoromi - Art Design and Animations

Maya Mint - Mariana - instagram @themayamint - Enviroment and UI

Paio458 - Pablo Clemente - elPaio458 - Programmer

Guil Inchausti - Guillermo Inchausti - - Art Design and Animations

Franciscodiscord - Francisco Collette - Instagram @ franciscocollette - Sound Design

Zoomi - Bryan Rodriguez - Instagram @zoomixart - Art Design and Animations

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