Bombality Bombality is an online rhythmic PvP game, which generates infinite music using the gameboard. To win place walls on the opposing player board and then bomb him. Each player moves on the board according to the beat and places bombs and walls on the opposite player board. However, any action on the opposite board is mirrored on his own board: if a player plants a wall on the opposing board then a bomb appears on his own board at the exact same position, and vice versa. As the boards evolve, the beat intensifies playing sounds according to the wall configuration on the boards, and the game ends when one of the players can escape his opponent's or his own bombs no more. Controls: WASD to move your player. Q to place wall on your side/bomb on the other side E to place bomb on your side/wall on the other side Have fun and good luck
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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