blind spot

"blind spot" is a 2D story-driven point&click adventure in pixel art style. The protagonist is a drama student and suffers from a bipolar disorder. They experience massive mood and energy swings, leading to states of either mania or depression. These characteristics of this mental illness are also part of the game mechanics. You can explore all settings in a positive and a negative way. Also, how you can interact with the objects changes due to our current condition. You can take influence on the mood through your actions in the story. This is only the prologue of a bigger story game which we plan to do.
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20th Century Gaming
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
löve2d engine
Installation Instructions: 

You can download the latest version of the game for Windows (10 MB) and Linux (6 MB).

On Windows, just unzip the download and run blind-spot.exe

On Linux, download the source file and change the file extension to .love (thanks GGJ). Then install Löve2D (usually called love or love2d) and open with Löve2D (or invoke love on the command line)

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Point & Click