Bark and Spark

The world is corrupted… Technology is destroying nature and Nature fights back. If they won’t find a way to live in harmony and duality, both will go down. The keeper of the universe manifested both into real characters and abandoned them in the ruins of the Earth. They have to work together or none of them will gain the old strength.
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Stress Free
Acutely Eye-dentifiable
Stick Together
Core Exercise (Sponsored by Core Games)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Core Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Download the Core ( and run the game with the link provided. That easy it is.


Coding - Morituri_SK
Amazing Art - RobBoss

Core Engine for all the supercool features it offers, including the rich Community Content:
Windfall drifter - Racoon", "Varglbargl - parkour ledge", "Commander Foo - Dialogue system", "Standartcombo - Cinematic shots", "Farmersmarked - animated chicken

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Third Person