The Balance of Sappho

Struck with amnesia and cursed, Firecracker must traverse the derelict ruins of a buried temple. In this 2D platformer, Firecracker faces many dangers, the biggest one: his own weapon, and surging memories. Will you take that journey? A two-sided blade, where there's risk, and reward, where you explore the balance of nature, society, and gods, the good, and the bad. Where the opposites work together, making the world spin, and yet where Firecracker steps in believing he could halt that. Albeit the question stands; How can the cycle of life be brought to a standstill? Can it? Gameplay Instructions: E- view items (then click out of the item with the mouse) D - Move right A- Move left SPACE- jump W- Jump higher Z- Dash (jump in air direction and dash) X- Teleport (hold x and then click in the circle where you'd like to teleport
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Members of the Galway global game jam site:

@Skritz - Initial concept, Narrative Design, writing

@anthonyGameJam16 - Programming, Level Design

@olaaki - 2D Art, Character Design, Narrative prop design

@matty_  -  2D Art, Animation


Members of the Seattle global game jam site (Seattle Indies):

@fluffy - Composer, Sound Design

@CoreyKemper - 2D Artist, Environmental Design

Game Tags: 
Side Scroller
Third Person