Like An Atom

incomplete game !!! Controls : cursors to move, spacebar to fire. Back story After an experiment your body has become like an atom with charge Charge and discharge yourself to survive and escape from the laboratory and understand what’s going on Be aware of using your abilities, your power can easily become a curse so use it wisely Mission Escape from the laboratory by: • Disabling traps • Activating mechanisms • Beating foes Mechanics 3 states: Your character have 3 states Charged (-) Neutral Charged(+) Abilities: Magnetic: Attract and repel object and foes depending on your and their charge Electric knife/sword: swing a sword formed by your charge Electric bullet: fire electric bullet +/- charged (can activate some mechanisms) Transport: transport yourself via electrical wires Enable/Disable: mechanisms by using your charge on them Absorb charge: from electrical source or foes that are on the edge of destruction (if you don’t they can drop objects) Tools, software and Art Engine: Game maker studio Art: Pixel art, top down, tiles Software: Piskel, photoshop Team : Hicham Elkoursi Elalaoui
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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extract the zip file and lach the exe file

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