Good Sticks, Evil Adventures

It is a roguelike card game. The goal is to destroy the evil sticks. The game starts by merging all the player and enemy cards (actions) in the Battle Deck. Once that happens, the game draws 6 random cards from the Battle Deck called the playing cards. From left to right the game will decide which card will be played first. Each card is divided into two categories - evil effects and good effects. Which half of the card is played, depends on the alignment bar on top. This bar symbolizes the evil and good in the game from -10 to +10. Some cards change the alignment bar, meaning that the game dynamically changes based on the cards effects, the player has to carefully pick which cards to replace in the current round to make sure he will destroy the enemy. The player can also reroll all of the currently displayed playing cards, if he feels that the odds are entirely not in his favour. Battle Deck - contains the cards of both the player and the enemy Team AssansьорDestroьer
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.Net, Unity (any product)
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