Our hero (the player) wakes, with clouded memory, to find themselves in a world that has an obvious dual nature. Experiences inexplicably shift from dark to light, from pain to delight. The player conquers fear and solves puzzles in an ever changing, torn world of contrasting challenges. Our lonely hero soon finds that they also have a dual nature, which can be both a curse and a blessing! Not only does the world transform, but so does our hero, often in surprising ways we can’t control. But as we gain experience and grow in knowledge, we channel our strengths and shield our weaknesses. Maybe if we can hold on long enough, and with a little enlightenment, we can solve the enigma, that is…ANTIPODE.. E = action, ASD = movement, Space = jump, Arrows = control throws, Esc = exit the game
Jam year: 
Stress Free
20th Century Gaming
Everyone is a Creator
Don’t go alone, take THIS (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Logic Pro for music, Aseprite and PyxelEdit for art
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip and open the GGJ2022.exe file


Jane Doe - Lead Character and Environment Art, Story

Deanna Gierzak AKA Fergie's Human - Story lead, Original music

Marty Quire - Producer, Puzzle Design, Story, Additional art & Sound

Mark Wahnish - Programmer, Level Layout and Additional Puzzle Design


Thanks to: - UI Asset Packs

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