Hell & Heaven

A struggle for a lost soul. Two opposing sides try to draw them into their realm while at the same time surviving themselves. This is a blend of a physical board game and a digital build.
Jam year: 
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.), MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Arduino with an NFC sensor, NFC Cards, Unity Build running on a PC.
Installation Instructions: 

For two players. All red units get placed inside of hell, all white units get placed inside of heaven. Soul gets placed on the "X" in the center.

Run the build on a PC in the background.

Goal: Move the soul into your realm (heaven/hell). If you lose all of your units, you lose the game.

Movement: Roll both dice, choose which color you want to move. If you move you own color, you can move both of them for the diceroll of your color. If you move the other player, you can only move the units towards your base (heaven/hell). You have to use up all of your moves in one turn.

Carrying the soul: In order to carry the soul, you need to be on the same field as them and then can move both your unit and the soul. You need to roll the exact number to enter heaven/hell with the soul.

Losing an unit: If the other player moves your unit in their base (angel->hell/devil->heaven) you lose that unit.

Drawing a card: if you roll two of the same number (two sixes,...) you can draw a card before you move your units. For this you need to run the build and press "C" - an event happens (for example: the soul moves 2 fields towards the center).


All audio - Freesound ERH https://freesound.org/people/ERH/ - Creative Commons
Illustrations - New York Public Library - Digital Collections - Public domain
Letters on map - https://www.rawpixel.com/board/328709/draughtsmans-alphabets-free-public... - Public domain
Font in game - Dieter Steffman - Prince valiant Font

Game Design/Development: Georg Luif
Game Design Feedback: Till Weinhold

Playtesters: University Of Applied Arts - Experimental Games Students (Wassily, Marlene, Litto, Jascha, Klimentina), Margarete Jahrmann, Thomas Wagensommerer, Jonas Bohatsch

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