Alive By Dark Night

Alive By Dark Night is a 2 player Horror Shooter with a split-screen, where both players are a Hunter, and a Prey. Players player as either a human hunter or a Monster from the depths of hell! The players will hunt each other based on the in game Day/Night cycle where the monster becomes stronger and a threat in the Night, while killable during the day. The game ends after 3 rounds so roughly 10 minutes and the better scoring player wins. You will require: A friend, Hopefully you made plenty of them in this game jam! A keyboard & mouse and a controller. A big enough screen and 10 minutes of your time. Human, you can use traps. they can be lethal in day, but only slow down the monster at night. Monster, you are vulnerable in the day, and not strong enough to kill the human, use your wits to survive. Good luck and Good hunting!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Downalod the zip and run the GameJam2022.exe



Gabriel Sekutowski
Ivan Alexandru Adrian
Gavin Chow


Tomas Daskevicius
Luther Stucinskas


Simon Emmanuel

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