UWE Bristol GGJ21 ( @UWE_Foundry @UWE_Games @UWEBristol )

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Open for entire 48 hours
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Friday, January 29, 2021 - 5:00pm
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Welcome to the @UWEGames & @UWE_Foundry Virtual GGJ Site   

In 2020 we had over 200 real people signed up for our physical jam space! This year, the GGJ is going virtual and we'll be leaning into this and embracing Altspace and Discord to host the event and you're welcome to join us!!

It's going to be a bit weird compared to usual, but this is a chance to get back to our roots, make new friends, connections and some great games!

Annual Speakers:

We  are proud to have hosted a massive range of talks and gaming challenges in previous years. Last year we had Alaistair Aitchison, Foggy Box and BuildBox and in 2019 we had 3 talks from AAA developers at R* North.  They will return for future years.


Altspace | For socialising, for the keynote, networking & team building.

We've got some fun stuff planned for team-building and it's where we'll be taking event photos etc.. so go grab altspace even if you don't have a VR headset as it runs on desktop! (What could go wrong?!)  

Grab altspace from windows store (not steam) or the Mac Beta

You don't need a VR headset (but it's cooler if you have one!)



Discord: | For all team comms >> We've made a channel for each team on the Foundry jammer too. 

We will try to stream altspace to discord, and vice versa!!

JOIN HERE: https://discord.gg/H6TYMKkunF


JAM PRESENTATIONS:  Each team will make a video capture of their game on Sunday, which will be broadcast into altspace at the end of the event where they can talk about their game - technology depending!

Friday Schedule

Now: Join the discord ^^

4:00 pm Altspace | Room Opens 

5:00 pm Altspace - Socialising | + Discord teams / channels 

6:00 pm GGJ Keynote in Altspace + Discord Stream


Saturday Schedule

10:00 am Breakfast Altspace Catch-up - how is everyone doing?

6:00 pm Evening Social Catch-up - 24 hours later - how are we?


Draft Sunday Schedule

10:00 am Breakfast Altspace Catch-up 

  1:00 pm Video captures begin *suggested*

  3:00 pm GGJ Uploads and Videos handover begin 

  4:00 pm Games Videos Deadline

  5:00 pm Altspace build-up

  6:00 pm Game Videos into Altspace (streamed to discord)

  7:00 pm Networking / Goodbyes / see you next year IRL!



It's healthy to take breaks. Attend the drop-ins. Stretch those legs & eat healthy!

*More details to follow. 

GameJam and hackathon events @UWE_Foundry supported by @UWEBristol @UWEGames & @IoCoding

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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18+ only

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