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Open for entire 48 hours
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Friday, January 29, 2021 - 5:00pm
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Thank you all for your interest in joining us for GGJ! To receive the link to our kick off Zoom, please be sure to register here on the site, and we'll be sending out that link the day of. 



Our kick off event will be Friday at 5PM, PST. After that, we will be opening up a special discord server specifically for the event! Our closing ceremonies - featuring the amazing faculty of USC Games - will begin at 5 pm on Sunday. 

Let's jam! 



[Please note: This year's GGJ will be an online event. The USC Campus is closed to physical events at this time.]

USC Games is proud to continue it's Global Game Jam legacy into this new, remote world. Using distributed development techniques taken straight from Industry, and almost 9 months of learnings gathered from our faculty regarding best practices for virtual education and organization, we are confident that USC Games' GGJ Online will continue to set a high bar for excellence. 

Please stay tuned for additional updates.

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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18+ only

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